Friday, March 14, 2008

Luggage Allowances

Regarding flying inside Kaz borders, you can carry 20kg for free, and you will pay $2.50 per kg over (20kg=44lbs). Here is a site for metric conversion if you want to figure out your luggage for yourself. Also found:

BMI British Midland (London)
  • Here is the BMI site regarding luggage allowances
  • Checked luggage: 2 pieces, max total weight 20kg (44lbs)
  • 1 piecemax size 55x40x23cm, plus one personal item
  • All passengers travelling to and from the UK are not permitted to check in any bag that weighs in excess of 32kg (70lbs).
  • Checked baggage on flights to the USA and Caribbean should have maximum dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62ins).
  • Excess baggage fees: £7/€10.50 per kg outbound, and £7/€10.50 per kg inbound (about $7.50 pound). Euro/Dollar conversion today 1€ = $1.56

KLM (going through Amsterdam)

Lufthansa (through Frankfort)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Employer Adoption Benefits

I recently had a meeting with the president of the company I work for, and made a proposal requesting that they provide formal adoption benefits to all employees (and of course me in particular.) I essentially asked for benefits equal to what biological moms are offered. I should hear an answer sometime this month.

Anyone out there who would like to encourage your employer to consider adoption benefits, I found a boatload of helpful information on these web sites:

- Regina

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Attachment Therapies

Therapy treatments:

Reports on various forms of Attachment Therapy


Library Search for Child and Welfare Issues

Family Attachment Narrative Therapy, about and links

Family Attachment Narrative Therapy

Books related to Attachment:

The Dr Sears line of baby books teaches concrete ways to promote attachment with your child. It is not especially geared toward adoption but is very helpful.

Attaching in Adoption by Deborah D. Gray is another great book that discusses attaching with your child.